Cleaning Casa and Self

21 Jan


The husband and I have been making steps towards a cleaner, healthier, happier existence.

With that said, I have been a first class makeup  junkie with no standards aside from, “this must provide a top notch sensory experience and last forever.” I love playing with colors, lines, and textures. I love all aspects of artistic creation and expression everywhere in my life, including on my face, in my hair, and covering my body. This unfortunately has not always meant “this must be good for me or my environment.” In fact, most of the time it apparently means I might get cancer and the production of this lovely concoction and it’s packaging probably wasn’t healthy for much around me. 

So, last night I finally did the megatron clean with my beauty products with a little help from the Cosmetic Safety Database. I’ll thank my seestor for first alerting me to this rather priceless source of information.

The first pile in the photo is clean, “green”, either good for me, or not going to hurt me.

The second pile is moderately hazardous to my health and hanging on until I find a replacement and under further scrutiny until I decide whether it’s doing more good or bad.

The third pile is getting disposed of  immediately because it is completely in the red, or contained an ingredient I did not like the side effects of. 

Now what to do after I’ve done away with the things I don’t think are acceptable in or on my body?

Nylon also raised a couple of the questions I have personally,

“How much time can you really spend in Sephora sifting through beauty labels?  How much stuff should you trash to be “eco friendly”?

What do you do in the middle of winter in C-town where the nearest health food store or other retailer sympathetic to my cause isn’t exactly close by? The internet has a plethora of lovely looking products, but no way to try most of them close to me. 

I ordered some makeup samples from Everyday Minerals who only charges shipping costs on product samples. And 5 minutes away, my local Target actually had a selection of natural/organic beauty products with labels I could pronounce and had enough knowledge about to discern their health benefits or risks. They also had samples of those products so I could try it out for $1.99 instead of buying the entire bottle.  I have been using the Befine Gentle Cleanser and Lip Serum for a few months with complete satisfaction. I have also been pleased with the Pure & Natural body wash and Burt’s Bees lip gloss. I opted for the sulfate free hair products because of my personal practice of and positive experience with limited shampooing/more conditioning due to sulfates that have been shown to strip hair of its natural oils by using a lathering and dehydrating detergent.  But what I like to refer to as the “sham in the poo” is an entirely different post of its own. 


There are also a couple of products I found, but did not purchase because I would like to do some further investigation of their contents. Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Collection looked decent and also came with a rebate. Lavanila’s products and Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Liquid Liner also looked promising.  


Past this I’m scouring the interwebs in search of healthy alternatives. I would love to find recipes for elixirs I can make in my own mad science lab(kitchen). Please let me know if any of you reading already use or have found products or resources that might help!

Fabulous linkages thus far:

Future Natural 



The Daily Green

Eco Chick

Fig and Sage

Organic Beauty View




One Response to “Cleaning Casa and Self”

  1. Seestor January 21, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    Tom’s of Maine is complete crap. Crap deoderant, crap body wash, crap toothpaste. Don’t waste your money.

    I will send you some of my linkages for good – non cancer causing products :0)

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