Etsy Extravaganza!

1 Feb

I am so pleased to announce that our Creamsicle Sock Owl was featured on Etsy today!

Approximately 4.5 inches of lemon and orange creamsicle argyle plush delight!

Creamsicle Owl likes to eat marshmallows and lives in a tree made of books.

He will be on his merry way to eat all of the marshmallows in his new home tomorrow morning!

There are still a couple of sock owls for sale in our Etsy shop and there will certainly be more to come!

We have also been working hard on handmade goods for girls and their ponies!

Keep an eye on the shop for saddle pads, polo wraps, and bags!

And last but not least, THANK YOU Cathie U. for featuring our Yeti Anatomy print on her blog earlier this month!


One Response to “Etsy Extravaganza!”

  1. cheryl February 1, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    YAY! Excellente!

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