Equestrian Application Round Up!

5 May

The IPhone is the only phone I have ever owned that has survived my lifestyle at the barn. I have successfully lost other phones to water buckets, toilets, and horse hooves. My mother’s phone was even recently dismantled by our horse trying to “find” me when she had put me on speaker phone to talk to him. My current IPhone, protected by an Otterbox Defender case has survived being dropped in the arena while lunging, fallen on concrete from the top of the car, and held up to my horse “exploring” anything and everything left unattended within his reach. If that weren’t awesome enough, there are applications that actually help me train, organize his data and schedule, and keep track of trail adventures! Here is a round up of some of my favorite applications I have found for fellow geeky equestrians out there!

1. FEI EquiTests 3 Even though I do not show, I still enjoy riding dressage tests.  Our indoor arena also has a sound system that I can hook my Iphone up to and play the test!

Each test allows you to:

  • Read the test instructions along with the marking criteria
  • Review dressage arena diagrams that animate through the movements within a test
  • Play and record your own readings of the test that are perfectly timed for the individual horses and the arena in which you are practicing
  • Reference the official FEI dressage test score sheet to see how judges will mark the users performance
  • Understand the rules for dressage events as PDFs of related rule books are provided for reference on topics such as movement definitions, competition rules, dress attire, judging and veterinary inspection
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest in dressage competition through the FEI news feed

2. EquiAgenda No, my Google and ICal are not enough for me to keep up with my horse’s data or agenda. With this I can keep his data neatly organized separately. “It allows you to track all of the important events in the life of your horse. With a quick glance, you can see vet appointments, medications, farrier, foaling, competitions, supplements and dietary notes for as many horses as you like! You can even upload a photo of your horse which will show as its avatar.”

3. Equestrius Keeping track of these and the many other details for each of your horses is what Equestrius is all about. Here is just a sampling of the tracking utility Equestrius provides:

Keep track of Veterinarians, Farriers, Dentists, Trainers, etc. The Contacts tab is fully integrated with the built-in Contacts and Mail applications. Pull up your Farrier entry for example, and a phone call or email is just a couple of touches away.

Create a fully descriptive entry for each of your horses, including picture, health history, parentage, breed, height, weight, and many other details. The health history page lets you enter professional services such as Vaccination, Farrier, or Dentist appointments, and will even remind you when the next service is due.

Whenever a service is due, Equestrius will “whinny” at you, even if it is not open, and will present a message as to what service needs to be performed. In addition, you can enter reminders of your own taking full advantage of Apple’s push notification services.

When you weigh your horse (weight calculator included!) you can enter dietary notes for each weight entry. The weight entries are then sorted in chronological order so you can track weight changes over time. In addition to dietary notes, There is a Notes tab where you can enter your barn notes.  And of course, there is a place to enter notes about each individual horse.

4. Equitempo allows people taking part in dressage training to help their horses maintain a consistent tempo. This metronome facility can be plugged into an arena sound system and allows an instructor or friend to mark time for riders by giving a regular tick sound at a premeditated rate.

5. Equicalc uses your horse’s heart girth measurement and the length from point of shoulder to point of buttock to estimate your horse’s weight, which can be useful when administering wormer and for feeding purposes. The app is designed to work with both imperial and metric figures. Unfortunately there is no save data feature for this application.

6. GPS Kit I am particularly excited about utilizing this application where we board our horse. There are about 70 acres of uncharted trails for us to explore and document! It has unlimited track points and waypoints, can upload/download GPX files, can be shared and viewed easily on Google Earth and Maps, and can be shared amongst other Iphone users.


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