You can see my online portfolio and other services I offer over at:

When I am not creating, I work for a non-profit art education organization called Art On Wheels Inc. to give a voice to individuals of all abilities through engagement in hands-on arts experiences that enrich the lives of individuals, their famillies, and our community. I teach classes for AOW Inc. as well as manage their website, photography, print, and social media.

A little about our name, The Plaid Pony:

Plaid is the essential symbol of the home, community, unity, and quality.
It can be a symbol of stability as well as rebellion.
It is diverse and interconnected with a wide variety of line and color relationships.
Plaid designs are infinitely variable, yet universally recognizable. So it is that we strive in life and art to be unique and yet universal.

To us the horse symbolizes freedom, strength, power, nobility, wisdom and loyalty. To some horses also represent coping through adversity and creative problem solving. We strive to be more like our four legged friends who continuously teach us invaluable life lessons. When I am not creating or teaching I am at the barn spending time with my husband and our horse.

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